Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art.

- Paracelsus

Group Hospitals

Gleneagles Khubchandani Hospital

Gleneagles Khubchandani Hospital


Khubchandani Hospitals has commenced development of the first integrated healthcare complex in Mumbai, along with Gleneagles Hospitals, the largest healthcare provider in South East Asia listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, operating 16 hospitals with more than 3,000 beds in Asia.

The twin tower hospital houses 500 in-patient beds and over 100 medical consulting suites. The hospital will provide services for the main medical and surgical specialties like cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and orthopedics. In addition the facility will introduce newer specialties like organ transplants, endocrinology and vascular interventions.

In addition to the hospital, there is a Medical Office Building (MOB) which houses 6 Centers of Excellence in various medical disciplines.

Incorporated within our philosophy is providing and maintaining the highest standards of service and of practice in clinical and non- clinical operations like Evidence Based Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Accreditations and a comprehensive systems driven health care.

The hospital will provide the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, including PET, CT, MRI and CT based interventions, molecular laboratory, stem cell bank, research and documentation.

In addition to these, the facility will offer premier MRI operative surgical suites, intensive care units, day care centers, outpatient services, diagnostic services, preventive health checks, rehabilitation & therapies, patient care and routine follow ups.

We are set to open our doors in late 2015.