Medicine is a science of uncertainty and art of probability.

- Sir William Osler


As medicine and technology are advancing, we now have innovative ways to address some of the challenges faced by the healthcare industry at large. In the world of critical care, an intensivist and nursing shortage is just one of the many obstacles that arise. However, this hurdle has to be overcome if we are to successfully deliver care to a population that is growing, aging and due to modern medicine, is living longer. The cost of capital is also high in an intensive care unit, as a large amount of equipment is required and it is important to be able to capitalize on the investment involved in running an ICU. From a patient's perspective, ICU beds themselves are now in short supply and it is not uncommon for patients in critical condition to be tossed around from one hospital to the next due to unavailability of ICU beds.

We, at eCritiCall, pose a solution to these issues while also allowing our partner hospitals to maximize on their revenue, increase patient and doctor satisfaction and deliver better patient outcomes. We are able to reduce morbidity, mortality and decrease the number of preventable deaths that take place in any ICU. We enable our partner hospitals to take on more patients without changing their existing staffing by decreasing their average length of stay; we also empower them to take on higher risk patients by providing them with an around the clock monitoring solution to help them take care of patients that were previously outside of their scope. While this is financially beneficial to the hospitals, the merits of our services go well beyond the financials. We have tools that assist in discharge planning, post-discharge care, coordination of activities and enhancing provider efficiency. Our goal is to help your patients get healthy, help you get better outcomes, and have your patients' families be satisfied with the care their loved ones receive.

Our solution is simple: We have a panel of expert physicians, nurses and administrative personnel that will monitor your ICU for you, 24*7, keep track of your patients, their vitals, and alert you to the best treatment available to help them come out of their current state healthier. Our technology partner, Philips, will outfit your ICU with the technology you need while our staff will ensure that your team knows all they need to, so that we can help you move forward, overcome obstacles and take advantage of the best that healthcare technology can offer.

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