The art of medicine is valuable to us because it is conducive to health, not because of its scientific interest.

- Cicero

Cosmetics & Lifestyle Medicine Center

Nestled in the heart of South Mumbai, Krimson Healthcare will shortly be launching its first Center of excellence in the field of Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Lifestyle medicine in India. With no current state of the art facility available for the Crème de La crème of Mumbai, this centre will be the first of its kind facility in the city.

A 20 bedded hospital, the centre will offer services including Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Day Care Center, Obesity Clinic and Bariatric Surgery, Dermatology, Hair Transplant, Dental Care Clinic, Lasik Center, Endoscopy, Wellness Clinic, Endocrinology, Executive and Family Health checks, Diagnostic Lab & Imaging and Pathology services.

Putting patients at the heart of everything we do, this centre will provide

  • Boutique centre offering personalized treatment in the most luxurious of surroundings
  • Treatment by India’s leading medical and surgical consultants
  • Fully equipped with state of the art medical technology
  • One stop centre offering a comprehensive range  of services
  • Referral centre driving patient flow to the groups other tertiary and specialist medical facilities